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People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

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The months immediately following independence had witnessed the pell-mell rush of Algerians, their government, and its officials to claim the lands, houses, businesses, automobiles, bank accounts, and jobs left behind by the Europeans. By the 1963 March Decrees, Ben Bella declared that all agricultural, industrial, and commercial properties previously operated and occupied by Europeans were vacant, thereby legalizing their confiscation by the state. The term nationalization was not used in the decrees, presumably to avoid indemnity claims.

The FLN called its policy of widespread state involvement in the economy "Algerian socialism". Public-sector enterprises were gradually organized into state corporations that participated in virtually every aspect of the country's economic life. Although their activities were coordinated by central authorities, each state corporation was supposed to retain a measure of autonomy within its own sphere.

The departure of European owners and managers from factories and agricultural estates gave rise to a spontaneous, grass-roots phenomenon, later termed autogestion, which saw workers take control of the enterprises to keep them operating. Seeking to capitalize on the popularity of the self-management movement, Ben Bella formalized autogestion in the March Decrees. As the process evolved, workers in state-owned farms and enterprises and in agricultural cooperatives elected boards of managers that directed production activities, financing, and marketing in conjunction with state-appointed directors. The system proved to be a failure, however. The crucial agricultural sector suffered particularly under self-management, partly as result of bureaucratic incompetence, graft, and theft.

19630071963007: 5,00 - Independence - Algerian flag, rifle, Peace dove -
19630081963008: 10,00 - Independence - Algerian flag, rifle, Peace dove -
19630091963009: 0,25 - Freedom from Hunger Campaign -
19630101963010: 0,50+0,20 - Solidarity - semi postal stamp
19630111963011: 0,25 - Independence: 1th anniversary - Map -
19630121963012: 0,25 - 2nd Arab Physicians Union Congress - Physicians from 13th century manuscript -
19630131963013: 0,25 - New constitution -
19630141963014: 0,25 - Algerian revolution: 9th anniversary -
D196301D196301: 0,05 - Weighing scale - postage due
D196302D196302: 0,10 - Weighing scale - postage due
D196303D196303: 0,20 - Weighing scale - postage due
D196304D196304: 0,50 - Weighing scale - postage due
D196305D196305: 1,00 - Weighing scale - postage due
P196301P196301: 0,08 - Oranges - precancelled stamp
P196302P196302: 0,20 - Oranges - precancelled stamp
P196303P196303: 0,40 - Oranges - precancelled stamp
P196304P196304: 0,55 - Oranges - precancelled stamp

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